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Advantages of “Flow Form” technology The technology of production of FlowForm discs has been gaining momentum in recent years and more and more companies offer their disc models made in this way.


The technology lies in the fact that the finished cast blank of the product is placed on a machine with special rollers, which stretch the disk shelf to the desired width, thus compacting the alloy structure.


Ease The use of the “Flow Form” technology gives the product a number of advantages. As a result of its application, the wheel becomes much lighter than with conventional mold pouring. Lightweight wheels are especially popular in motorsport, the low weight reduces unsprung masses and loads on the suspension units, but the difference will be noticeable absolutely on any passenger car. Lightweight wheels not only increase the acceleration and deceleration speed, facilitate the suspension operation, but also reduce fuel consumption. The “Flow Form” technology makes the wheel 25% lighter than its cast counterparts of the same design and dimensions.


Durability Wheels made with “Flow Form” technology are much stronger than conventional wheels. On average, their ultimate strength is 20-30% higher. This helps both during auto racing and in everyday use of the car.


Impact Resistance The increased impact resistance is also an important advantage, which significantly increases the life of the wheel when driving on rough roads.


Elasticity In terms of elasticity, the wheels produced with the “Flow Form” technology are significantly superior to the cast wheels. Such products can be bent significantly more before they break. This technology increases the elasticity of the wheel rim both on the outside and on the inside, providing an advantage in all road conditions.


Tensile Strength As the “Flow Form” technology increases the tensile strength of the wheel, the load capacity also increases. In general, such wheels can be regarded as more durable and reliable.


Many renowned manufacturers, such as HRE, BBS, Giovanna, Vorsteiner, Z-performance, Veemann and many others, use Flow Form technology in the production of their discs.